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Your dog(s) will get up to 7 hours of play time, socializing with many other pups, plenty of exercise and they will have breaks throughout the day.
*All dogs must pass temperament test in order to attend daycare.
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We have our very own Bark Away Salon for all your dog’s bathing needs.
*Available for attending and non-attending daycare dogs.
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We have our own
On-Site Trainer!
*Available for attending and non-attending daycare dogs.

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During daycare your dog(s) will get up to 7 hours of play time, get plenty of exercise and be socialized with many other pups! They will also have multiple breaks throughout the day. During our break times the dogs get to relax and listen to soothing meditation music. All of our playgroups are closely monitored by our certified CPR and dog body language staff.

*All dogs who enroll into daycare must pass our temperament test. This test takes approximately 15-20 minutes and is $20 per dog. During that time, we will determine which playgroup best fits your dog’s disposition and personality so your pup has the very best experience possible and looks forward to visiting us! If your dog passes the temperament test, they will get to stay the rest of the day for daycare.

*All dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age in order to stay enrolled in our daycare program.

*Dogs must be attending 3-5x a month.

We have our own Bark Away Salon for all your dog’s bathing needs. We can do anything from a simple nail trim to a squeaky-clean bath. Check out our A La Carte Menu for all of our services.

*This service is available for attending and non-attending daycare dogs.


Sabrina Bunker is our on-site trainer here at Bark Away Doggie Daycare. In 2018, she embarked on her formal education in canine behavior and training. She is now a professional obedience trainer, as well as, a pet CPR and First Aid Certification instructor. In addition to the training classes and private lessons she runs here at Bark Away, Sabrina also spends time working with our dog handlers on a daily basis educating them on dog body language and behavior. This also gives her the unique opportunity to bond with all of our clients, both human and dog, and maintain those connections before and after training is complete. Each day, she continues to advance her education and sharpen her skills even further. She hopes that every dog she encounters learns as much from her as she does from them!

We offer different training classes every month. Give us a call and sign up today!

*This service is available for attending and non-attending daycare dogs.


* All services provided are by appointment only.
* All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.
* An account must be completed for all services.